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Šibenska privatna gimnazija s pravom javnosti

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   The Private Gymnasium

  • Address: Ulica Andrije Kačića Miošića 11

                          22000 Šibenik

  • Tel: +385 (0)22 333 623
  • Fax: +385 (0)22 333 614
  • E-mail:
  • Principal: Zvonko Pešić prof.


  • Sort code: 1922807  
  • Bank: Jadranska banka d.d.
  • Account – Number: 2411006-1100035344

The private gymnasium

SPG is more than just an ordinary secondary school.For five days of the week it is your second home. The classes are small. The teachers are friendly. 
Classes are interesting and stimulating; the teachers work hard to present even the most boring material from an interesting angle (perspective), and in that way to create an interactive learning enviroment. The school is open to new ideas and looks towards the future. 
During all four years of school we foster an enviroment of hope, creativity and self-confidence. The school is located in a renovated part of St. Lawrence monastery.

360° Panoramic view of Garden

360° Panoramic view of Garden


EKO OSCAR in our garden

St. Lawrence's centre of education

As a part of SPG, there is a Centre of Education which organises numerous programmes for the public:

  • Language School

  A wide range of courses for all ages; English, Italian, German and French

  • Computer school Sv. Lovre

Education programs are developed in cooperation and under supervision of the Ministry of Education and Sport and they represent systematic and comprehensive education entities. The level of achieved knowledge and abilities because of integrity of the programs themselves, provide for attendants also formal recognition of their achievements by entry of the occupation in the employment book.

  • International School of Croatian

  Aimed at the Croatian diaspora and students of Croatia.

  • Preparation for university antrance examinations
  • Programmes „plus“ (for those who want more)

  Courses and creative workshops for talented youth

Cromovens travel agency

Cromovens travel agency is one of the few, if not the only agency in Croatia that specialises in educational tourism.

For the past seven years, we have been organising many study trips, seminars and conferences, language courses abroad, school leavers trips, school trips, field trips,…


St. Lawrence's monaestry has, like all monaestries from the Middle Ages, a garden which unafortunately has been untended for many years. A Gymnasium with a renovated monaestry garden full of the scents of mediterranean plants is a rarity, not just in the field of education but also as a tourist attraction.


  • LIDRANO - 1st state prize
  • ENGLISH - 3rd place at county level  and 2 students in top ten


Cromovens travel agency


   Agencija CROMOVENS je jedna od rijetkih u Hrvatskoj, a možda i jedina koja se bavi obrazovnim turizmom kao glavnom djelatnošću. 

   Već sedam godina sa posebnom senzibilnošću kreiramo studijska putovanja, seminare i savjetovanja, učenje stranih jezika u inozemstvu, maturalna putovanja, osnovnoškolske ekskurzije i izlete, škole u prirodi .

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